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ZON launches new clocking system

The real-time, web-based sales and information platform

March 29, 2022 Venlo – To make the auction clock future-proof, ZON is switching to a new clock system (including home buying system) called KOSMOS, the real-time, web-based sales and information platform. This system was created after intensive collaboration with Auxcis cvba. With this, the ZON clock will be the first vegetable auction in the Benelux to use a new generation of options.


Clock sale

Clock sales are one of the pillars of ZON's sales strategy and the sales instrument for ZON's day trading. “The coming years will be dominated by further development of the system in order to continue to connect with our buyers and growers,” says Els van Herpen, Clock Sales Manager.


KOSMOS is a Cloud application, so no software needs to be installed on users. ZON starts with a basic layout of the screen for buyers, but the clock buyer can eventually adjust the screen to his own wishes. Within this new system, more flexibility is possible in block auctioning and Multi-Teler auctioning (auctioning by name). This responds to the growing demand from growers to be able to auction by name.


Preparations are ongoing for showing product photos. Furthermore, research is being done into possibilities for pre-bids and the use of KOSMOS on telephone and tablet. In addition, preparations are being made to make the daily supply information for buyers even more complete. "ZON continues to invest in the latest and most modern clock system and wants to serve its customers at the clock with the most complete range possible," says Peter van Bree, chairman of Growers' Association ZON.

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