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Greenhouse horticulture and gas prices: what is going on?

It is well known that gas prices have risen sharply since September 2021. This has far-reaching consequences for consumers, but also for companies and industry. In the greenhouse horticulture sector, 40% of companies are at risk of getting into financial difficulties. This not only has a huge impact on entrepreneurs, employees and their families, but on the whole of the Netherlands!

More than flowers, plants, vegetables and fruit grow in greenhouses. Growers also harvest energy. Electricity and heat that make an important contribution to the energy transition in the Netherlands. People outside the greenhouse horticulture sector are hardly aware of this, if at all, and that is a pity. Because unknown makes unloved. However, it is a fact that without input from the cultivation companies in the form of electricity and heat, the climate ambitions of the Netherlands will have to be adjusted. And that while the energy transition must continue, in the interest of the whole of the Netherlands! That is what is going on, not only in the greenhouse horticulture sector, but in fact throughout the country.

Fossil-free in 2040

More information can be found on the website of the entrepreneurial organisation Glastuinbouw Nederland. It explains the impact of the energy crisis on entrepreneurs and their companies and what the long-term consequences are for the climate ambitions and energy transition of the Netherlands.

Greenhouse horticulture itself also has ambitions: fossil-free cultivation in 2040. You can also read more about this on the website. What are the innovations and new technologies? Information that shows that it is in everyone's interest that greenhouse horticulture is helped through this crisis!

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