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Looking back on a busy winter season

Many employees, growers and customers have probably noticed: this winter was busier than usual in the ZON Logistics Centre. At ZON Sorting and Packaging it was full of activity, while the winter time was normally quiet. What has changed? We asked Ron Gerardts and Ed Vervoort, both working as team leaders in ZON's logistics epicenter.

“This year we have provided more services to third parties and there has been more import, which has resulted in extra sorting and packaging work,” Ron begins. “ZON used to take care of the packaging of external parties in small amounts, but this winter season we got a new external customer. We have packaged various products for them in recent months. In addition, we had a large internal customer for the Intens Tomatoes. Normally, the grower packs himself, but because of the energy crisis, he did not grow under light this year. Because he still needed tomatoes for customers, he bought them in Morocco and ZON packed the tomatoes for him.”

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This winter we provided more services for third parties.
Ron Gerardts
Team Leader Sorting and Packing

These new collaborations have caused some commotion. “Normally, we work with about 15 employees in the warehouse in the winter,” says Ed. “We often have time for cleaning and maintenance work between the busy days. Now we were constantly working with about 40 employees. And we really made long days. The great thing is that you can connect the temporary workers to ZON in this way. This way, you will immediately have experienced people in the team at the start of the new season.”

The cooperation went well. “We have a lot to offer customers,” says Ron. “We can efficiently provide not only the logistics services in the warehouse, but also the entire packaging.” Bit for some employees it takes some getting used to, such a full winter season. “Of course it's a changeover if you're used to less work in the winter,” explains Ed. “Nevertheless, everyone is happy with the extra work. It's nice to be able to keep busy.”

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The great thing is that you can connect the temporary workers to ZON in this way.
Ed Vervoort
Teamleider Logistics
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ZON hopes to continue this collaboration next year. “We now know each other now a bit and know what we can do together,” says Ron. “Our seasons just fit together very nicely. When they are quiet, we are busy and vice versa. It is therefore a good way to keep ZON Logistics Center running smoothly during the winter: a win-win situation for both parties.”

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Transport facilitated via ZON
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The purchased products are sorted and packaged at ZON
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