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Nice to meet you, Gijs

Meet a new ZON employee

Not an unknown

We meet at ZON's new office, where Gijs talks about his experiences at ZON. ‘I have always been connected to ZON. In my time at Fresh Park Venlo I worked a lot for ZON and when I then had my own company, ZON was an important client. I did the maintenance and facility management. So you can say that I know this place well', Gijs smiles.

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I have always been connected to ZON
Team feeling

For Gijs it was a clear choice, from self-employed to employment. As a self-employed person, you often work alone. I missed colleagues, working in a team and achieving successes together. I also wanted to develop myself further and gain new experiences. That is not so easy as a self-employed person, because you are constantly busy to meet deadlines. Although I have only recently joined ZON, I already experience how pleasant it is to work with a nice group of people.'

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One of the biggest challenges is to make sure that we are heading in the same direction together

It takes some getting used to for Gijs that he is now working within ZON from his new position as Manager Operations & Facilities. “I know the company well and know how ZON works, but now I am involved at MT level for the first time,” he explains. "I've only just started, but what I already see as one of the biggest challenges is making sure we're heading in the same direction together. We must realize that we only have one goal together and that is to create support for the interests of the collective.'

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ZON wishes Gijs a good time at ZON and hopes that he will continue to feel well in his place