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Pleased to meet you

Meet a new ZON employee

ZON is happy to introduce a new employee. Although Nikolaos Mavromatis has only officially been employed by ZON since April 1, 2022, he is no stranger! Below you can read how.

Not an unknown

We meet at ZON's new office, where Nikolaos talks about his experiences at ZON. Although we normally speak to new employees, we are now sitting around the table with an old acquaintance. 'I have been working for ZON on a temporary basis for almost 7 years', says Nikolaos, 'However, since April 1, I have been offered a permanent contract and I am very happy with that!'

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The atmosphere is great here, everyone is very friendly and helpful

Nikolaos is happy with his work: “It is a very nice team that I work in, we have a good time together. That team feeling is very important to me, I wouldn't want anything else in terms of work, I'm satisfied and I'm in the right place here!' Everyone here is friendly and helpful. If I need anything, there are always people ready to help. We work hard, but I don't feel like we are being pushed.' He smiles: 'The only thing I would like to learn better is the language. Nikolaos speaks English, Greek, Russian and a little Dutch. I hope to have time for that next winter.'

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Der Teamgeist, der hier herrscht, ist mir sehr wichtig
Open and friendly atmosphere

What strikes Nikolaos is that there is a very open, friendly atmosphere at ZON. "The new building is also a good step: we are now in one building with the logistics staff and the office staff and everyone grabs coffee and lunch together in the canteen, which means that the lines are much shorter."

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ZON wishes Nikolaos a good time at ZON and hopes that he will continue to feel well in his place.