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Relocation auction room

In April ZON moved to the adjacent building on the grounds of Hines Fresh Park Venlo. The move from the auction hall to the new building is also a fact as of today. This means that all ZON departments are located at Venrayseweg 102.

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At the end of March, a new clocking system (including home buying system) called KOSMOS was launched. The number of auction buyers is growing every year at ZON, but the number of buyers who physically buy in the auction room has remained about the same for years. Most buyers buy using ZON's home buying system (Webclock) or buy through a broker. Partly because of this, ZON has opted for a smaller auction hall with fewer copper workplaces.

Clock sale

The auction clock is one of the pillars of ZON's sales strategy and the sales tool for the public day trade with a year-round range tailored to the needs of buyers. The import season has now started. ZON has been importing product from Spain during the winter months for years and is now anticipating lower tomato supply this winter with Turkish and Italian tomatoes on the clock. This way ZON can serve buyers all year round.

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More than 100 years 'At home at ZON'


Founded in 1915 and one of Europe's largest growers cooperatives.


Approximately 145 growers, greenhouse horticulture and open ground.


Wide range of fruit & vegetables fresh from the grower.