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The asparagus season has kicked off at ZON fruit & vegetables

On February 16, the first greenhouse asparagus of the season were auctioned in front of the clock of ZON fruit & vegetables.

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The asparagus come from GVP B.V. from Maasbree. The first box was bought by P. Smets & Zn. from Geleen. In addition, Postuma AGF, Enes B.V., Bidi and Ketelaar Groenten en Fruit donated a nice amount to Giro 555 for the victims of the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria.

The total proceeds are 3,535.00 euros and because ZON then doubles this proceeds, the final amount for Giro 555 is no less than 7,070.00 euros.

Rick Mengers Product Manager at ZON personally visited Loek Smets to hand over the box of asparagus.

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Daily fresh product at the auction clock

  • Wide and reliable volume
    ZON provides a reliable and wide range every day. Supplemented in the winter months with products from Spanish cooperatives, with which ZON cooperates.
  • Always a fair market price
    Day trading at ZON mainly takes place via clock sales. Prices are driven by the supply and demand in the market.
  • New auction system KOSMOS
    In order to make the clock future-proof, ZON switched in March 2022 to a new clock system (including home buying system) called KOSMOS, the real-time, web-based sales and information platform.
  • Transparent sales tool
    The ZON auction clock is known as a transparent sales tool. It ensures a good balance between supply and demand and a fair price

The latest news within ZON

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