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The Future of Food: Presentatie Tweede Kamer

In recent months, ZON has shared the animation films that show the ambitions of Dutch high-tech greenhouse vegetable cultivation on various online channels. An innovative way to provoke a conversation about our position in the food landscape. But it doesn't stop here.

Our efforts have resulted in the new independent platform in 2022, called 'Stop the Foodfight'. This platform is independent because it offers space for all perspectives on food production. Our perspective, the high-tech form of food production, is one of them. "Traditionally, we are used to opposing the biological, or call it ecological, movement. With the platform we show that it is time to close ranks and to realize that multiple movements can be an outcome," said the Federation. Fruit Vegetable Organizations.

This can also be seen in the film The future of Food, in which 'sorcerer' Hidde Boersma and 'prophet' Joris Lohman discuss with each other.⁠ Joris believes that the world should focus on a life that is more in harmony with nature and Hidde thinks that we should further intensify our food production in order to create space for nature. Who's right?

On March 22, 2023, at the request of member of parliament Derk Boswijk (CDA), the film The Future of Food will be shown in the Tweede Kamer. Makers Joris Lohman and Hidde Boersma will discuss the film afterwards.

This film is part of the tour of Stop The Foodfight, a platform where technology and ecology come together in a new food world. FVO is the initiator of this platform together with Sugar Rush and Food Hub.

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The Future of Food

heck out the 'Stop The Food Fight' platform for more information and upcoming tour dates of the movie 'The Future of Food'.