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ZON Executive Academy officially launched

The world we live in requires everyone to be constantly alert. Perhaps now is the time to convert risks into opportunities for members individually, but also in their relationship to ZON

That is why the ZON Executive Academy officially started on December 8th. The Academy is a platform in which the next generation has the opportunity to develop their competences as future leaders and entrepreneurs.

The group of participants consists of young entrepreneurs, future entrepreneurs and employees of ZON members who have the potential to become a member of the board in the future. Some employees of ZON are also taking part. The 14 motivated participants will follow various training courses and coaching sessions in the coming 12 months, both in groups and individually. At the end of the program, the participants present their own business case, aimed at optimizing opportunities and returns within their own organization.

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For employees and growers of ZON

ZON Academy

  • Practical and interactive
    As an employee you get to know ZON well during the ZON Academy. But as a grower you also go deeper into optimizing opportunities and returns within your own organization. The participants learn in the ZON Academy in a practical and interactive way: from each other and with each other.
  • Combination hard & soft skills
    Both hard and soft skills are discussed in the Academy. Within the hard skills, issues that are involved in the processes of a company are discussed. For the soft skills, matters are dealt with in the field of personal development, such as effective communication and speaking with impact.
  • Teamwork and individual
    Hybrid working is a current theme when it comes to flexibility and productivity. ZON also responds to this with the Academy, in combination with teamwork and individual assignments.