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Business office

Support as internal service at the Sales department
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Facilitating buyers

  • Settlement of any possible complaints
    Among other things, the recording and settlement of complaints takes place within the Business Office of ZON.
  • Correct information shown on your invoice
    Het Bedrijfsbureau zorgt ervoor dat de kosten en opbrengsten op de juiste wijze op uw factuur worden weergegeven.
  • Help with questions about your invoice
    As a buyer, you can contact the Business Office for questions about your invoice.

Get in touch with the Business Office

Do you have questions about your statement or invoice?

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Helping buyers with administrative questions, that gives us energy.
Hans Kerstjens
Manager cooperative affairs bij ZON
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We are pleased with the quality of the administrative processing and service at ZON. It's well arranged.
Buyer at ZON

More than 100 years ZON


Founded in 1915 and one of Europe's largest growers cooperatives.


Approximately 115 growers, greenhouse horticulture and open ground.


Wide range of fruit & vegetables fresh from the grower.

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Become a buyer at ZON

  • Best quality
    At ZON, the quality of the product is the most important. Under the supervision of a specialised inspection team, the quality, color and size of the products are examined, among other things.
  • Winter months
    The range offered is supplemented during the winter months with produce from Spain, Morocco and Turkey. . That's why you can contact ZON all year round.
  • Customised purchasing
    At ZON you can purchase products through the various purchasing channels. You choose the channel that suits you best.
Purchase at ZON

More services at ZON

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All certifications possible, based on your own wishes
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Purchasing through the various sales channels of ZON
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Purchasing via the new auction system KOSMOS
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Transport facilitated via ZON