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Clock auctions

Clock sales are one of the pillars of ZON's sales strategy and the sales tool for day trading
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Daily fresh product at the clock

  • New auction system KOSMOS
    In order to make the clock future-proof, ZON switched in March 2022 to a new clock system (including home buying system) called KOSMOS, the real-time, web-based sales and information platform.
  • Transparent sales tool
    The digital platform for day trading at ZON is known as a transparent sales instrument. It ensures a good balance between supply and demand and a fair price.
  • Wide and reliable volume
    Wide and reliable volume ZON provides a reliable and wide assortiment every day. Supplemented in the winter months with products from Spanish cooperatives, with which ZON cooperates.
  • Always a fair market price
    Day trading at ZON mainly takes place via our digital platform. Prices are driven by the supply and demand in the market. On an annual basis, ZON has approximately 300 buyers who buy products through our digital platform.

Get in touch with the auction clock team

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The clock is a transparent and unique sales tool.
Els van Herpen
Manager auction clock sale bij ZON
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New possibilities

Auction system KOSMOS

Met het nieuwe kloksysteem maakt ZON als eerste groenteveiling in de Benelux gebruik van een nieuwe generatie mogelijkheden. KOSMOS is een Cloud applicatie, er hoeft dus geen software geïnstalleerd te worden. De komende jaren zullen in het teken staan van doorontwikkeling van het systeem om zo aansluiting te blijven vinden bij de kopers en telers van ZON.

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For us, ZON's service offering Spanish products is a great and practical addition to what we import ourselves.
Buyer at ZON

Strategic location

Business park Hines Fresh Park Venlo

ZON is located at the Hines Fresh Park Venlo, the business park for the fresh sector and centralized in European food logistics.

European logistics hotspot

Large sales market throughout Europe with an important focus on the Netherlands and Germany. ZON is located close to the large consumer market in the German state of Nordrhein Westfalen.

Direct connection to highways

Major roads are easily accessible. Direct connection to highways A73, A67 and Bundesautobahn 61 (Germany). ECT rail terminal 900 meters away and inland port with container facility 2 kilometers away.

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Sorting and Packing

  • Also for external parties
    At ZON sorting and packing is also done for external parties . The ZON Logistics Center offers a wide range of options.
  • According to your specifications
    ZON ensures that the product is delivered correctly, sorted according to the desired specifications and in the correct packaging. Own packaging is also possible.
  • Options for many products
    ZON has set up various packing processes for peppers and asparagus in particular. But there are also many options for other fresh products.
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All certifications possible, based on your own wishes
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Always deliver top quality

Daily fresh at ZON

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Groene courgette

Controle over het hele proces voor optimale kwaliteit

Placeholder for Prei 3Prei 3

Beautiful shiny stems and freshly harvested

Placeholder for KomkommerKomkommer

Cut fresh from the plant for you

Placeholder for Aubergine in kas 1Aubergine in kas 1

Beautiful shiny fruit available in different colors

Placeholder for Bospeen 3Bospeen 3

Long slender carrots with foliage

Placeholder for SchorsenerenSchorseneren

The flesh is delicious

Placeholder for Blauwe bes 2Blauwe bes 2

Freshly picked vitamin bomb

Placeholder for Rabarber (tunnel)Rabarber (tunnel)

Processed it looks like fruit, but it is really a vegetable

Placeholder for Bloemkool 2Bloemkool 2

Mild accessible taste

Placeholder for Knolselderij 5Knolselderij 5

Sturdy tuber of the celery plant, straight from the land

Placeholder for Radijs 1Radijs 1

Shiny red radish and crispy fresh

Placeholder for Spruiten 2Spruiten 2

Freshly harvested from the open ground

Placeholder for Courgettes (geel) 1Courgettes (geel) 1
Zucchini yellow

Fresh neutral taste and firm flesh

Placeholder for Witte kool 1Witte kool 1
White cabbage

Available fresh and with a long shelf life

Placeholder for Koolrabi 1Koolrabi 1

Spicier than cauliflower

Placeholder for Chinese kool 2Chinese kool 2
Chinese cabbage

Crunchy and slightly sweet taste

Placeholder for William Ton en John Vergeldt prei en ijsbergsla 19William Ton en John Vergeldt prei en ijsbergsla 19
Iceberg lettuce

The fresh temptation