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Transport & Logistics

ZON organises the logistics process

We arrange the transport of your products for you

  • Sophisticated and efficient collective transport system
    From producer to ZON and from ZON to customer or other destination.
  • Transport under optimal climatic conditions
    Thanks to optimal climatic conditions during storage and transport, the product is delivered ultra-fresh to the end customer.
  • Product deliveries
    The products are delivered on time to any desired location, both within Europe and intercontinental.
  • Every product in the right packaging
    The products are sorted correctly and delivered in the right box exactly as you would like to receive them.

Get in touch with the Transport & Logistics department

Do you have questions about the possibilities regarding transport and logistics at ZON? Get in touch with an employee of this department.

Placeholder for Hans BongaartsHans Bongaarts
There are many possibilities within the logistics process at ZON. We are happy to discuss your specific wishes with you.
Hans Bongaarts
Team leader Transport & Logistics bij ZON
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The fact that ZON also offers products from Spain during the winter months is a welcome addition to our company.
Buyer at ZON
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Storage & Refrigeration

ZON knows how to optimally store and transport each product in order to get the best quality to the customer.

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Guaranteed assortiment

  • Buying through the our digital platform for day trading.
    At ZON it is possible to purchase small quantities via the clock sales. This makes our digital platform for day trading customer base diverse and may also be interesting for you.
  • Year round availability
    The range offered is supplemented during the winter months with produce from Spain, Morocco and Turkey.
  • Purchasing through a permanent contract
    Do you opt for purchasing via a permanent contract? Then you always have the certainty of a guaranteed range of products.
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All certifications possible, based on your own wishes
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Always deliver top quality
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The purchased products are sorted and packaged at ZON