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About ZON

In 2015 ZON received the Royal designation


The Koninklijke Coöperatieve Growers Association Southeast Netherlands U.A. is distinctively active in the international world of fruit and vegetables. Committed growers grow high-quality fruit and vegetables in an innovative and sustainable way. Directly from the source to the consumer. Through auction clock sales, brokerage and account sales or a combination of these. The wishes of our growers and our customers are of course the starting point.

We want to communicate transparently, easily and on the basis of equality with our growers and customers. Everything with the aim of fulfilling the wishes of customers in such a way that our members achieve the maximum result. Our organization is constantly on the move with growers and customers at home and abroad. We believe in the strength of the cooperative, which leaves room for individual wishes.

In short: intensive cooperation with customers in a cooperative of, for and by members. At home at ZON!

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ZON wil zich ontwikkelen tot de favoriete partner van telers in (Zuidoost) Nederland en een slagvaardige en klantgerichte afzetorganisatie zijn die haar telers faciliteert in hun ondernemerschap én haar klanten jaarrond kan voorzien van een zo compleet mogelijk assortiment van gezonde en allerhoogste kwaliteit groenten en fruit.

ZON wants to develop into the favorite partner of growers and to be a decisive and customer-oriented sales organization that facilitates its growers in their entrepreneurship and can provide its customers with the most complete possible assortiment of healthy and highest quality fruit and vegetables all year round.

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ZON strives for sustainable use of energy, raw materials and materials. Sustainability is expressed, among other things, in environmentally friendly packaging and biological crop protection at our growers. ZON also regularly supports local and regional initiatives through sponsorship, often in the form of product sponsorship.

Strategic location

Business park Hines Fresh Park Venlo

ZON is located at the Hines Fresh Park Venlo, the business park for the fresh sector and centralized in European food logistics.

European logistics hotspot

Large sales market throughout Europe with an important focus on the Netherlands and Germany. ZON is located close to the large consumer market in the German state of Nordrhein Westfalen.

Direct connection to highways

Major roads are easily accessible. Direct connection to highways A73, A67 and Bundesautobahn 61 (Germany). ECT rail terminal 900 meters away and inland port with container facility 2 kilometers away.

More than 100 years 'At home at ZON'


Founded in 1915 and one of Europe's largest growers cooperatives.


Approximately 115 growers, greenhouse horticulture and open ground.


Wide range of fruit & vegetables fresh from the grower.