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About ZON

ZON has been in business now for 109 years. ZON received the designation Royal in 2015. This was a special day in the rich history of the cooperative.

In brief

The Koninklijke Coöperatieve Telersvereniging Zuidoost-Nederland U.A. (Royal Cooperative Producer Organisation of South-East Netherlands) operates in a distinctive way in the international world of fruit and vegetables. ZON has developed to become a grower partner in the Netherlands and is an effective, customer-focused sales organisation. We wish to communicate with our growers and customers in a transparent, low-threshold manner where we see each other as equals.

We deliver through efficient supply chains. ZON guides and supports the grower with optimum services to ensure healthy and safely grown fruit and vegetables are supplied. We also stimulate the development and growth ambitions of our members.

Marketing takes place via our digital platform for day trading and through direct delivery to our customers. Directly from the source to the consumer. We also offer tailor-made and personal assistance when connecting our growers to ZON customers.

The requirements of our growers and customers are, of course, our starting point.

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Our aim as a grower organisation is to operate based on the lowest possible costs and the highest possible services. The grower, customer and employee are very satisfied with this.

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We believe in international, efficient fresh supply chains with a future-proof production of fruit and vegetables that contribute towards a healthier life.

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Deepening and strengthening the collaboration with our members and customers fits into our ambition to support them optimally regarding all growth ambitions. We connect the right people and knowledge within this context and ZON therefore creates opportunities within the sector.

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CSR Quality Mark

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

For the first time, ZON complied with the CSR Quality Mark (ISO 26000) in October 2023 where the emphasis is on People, Planet and Profit. This Quality Mark proves that a company verifiably works on its CSR. The certificate is being recognised and accredited by more and more organisations, customers, sector organisations and authorities. ZON wishes to be forward-thinking with this on the market, in the supply chain and regarding the increasing importance of CSR.