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Working at ZON

Working with a fresh product, directly from the source in a dynamic environment. No day is the same at ZON.

ZON is continue op zoek naar gedreven talenten die ons team willen versterken.
Stage bij ZON
Wil jij jezelf verder ontwikkelen in een informele organisatie met veel afwisseling en genoeg uitdaging?
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  • Cao-wholesale fruits and vegetables
    30 vacation days, good pension scheme, additional insurance.
  • Secondary employment conditions
    Bicycle plan (also bicycle lease), private lease, mobile phone, laptop, company fitness
  • Monthly vegetable box
    Every month a vegetable box filled with fresh vegetables, the HEALTHY box.
  • Onboarding programme
    Intensive guidance during the training.

Daarom ZON

At home at ZON

There is a family feeling at ZON and colleagues are always willing to help each other. Employees therefore feel 'at home at ZON'.

A lot of freedom

You have a lot of freedom and your own responsibility in the performance of your work.

Dynamic work environment

We learn from each other, keep each other sharp, dare to be critical and think from the perspective of the grower and the customer.

Develop yourself

You never stop learning and at ZON you can develop widely. In your own field, but also beyond.

Positive atmosphere

Working at an informal organization with a positive atmosphere. Lunch together during the lunch break and other activities.


At ZON you are challenged to think about how you can make ZON an even better and successful organisation.

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That is why employees choose ZON

“Low threshold management and board. Lots of freedom for the employees.”

“Innovative organization where new ideas are encouraged and it is important to take your own responsibility.

"Nice and involved colleagues, who take many initiatives to make ZON a 'greater place to work'."

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Post-hbo: for employees new in the organisation

Youngster Academy

  • Practical and interactive
    During the Youngster Academy you will get to know ZON well as a company. The goal is to let the people at ZON learn in a practical and interactive way: from each other and with each other.
  • Combination hard & soft skills
    Both hard and soft skills are discussed in the Academy. Within the hard skills, issues that are involved in the processes of a company are discussed. For the soft skills, matters are dealt with in the field of personal development, such as effective communication and speaking with impact.
  • Hybride working
    Hybrid working is a current subject when it comes to flexibility and productivity, ZON also responds to this with the Academy, in combination with teamwork assignments.

Do you already feel at home at ZON?

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We believe it is important that employees can fully develop themselves.
Paul Geurten
Manager HR and Organization bij ZON fruit & vegetables
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Online learning environment GoodHabitz

ZON uses Goodhabitz, which means that employees can make unlimited use of the online training courses that are offered. This is how we motivate our employees to continue to develop themselves. Completely on your own initiative. The learning methods are completely tailored to how you like to spend your time. No boring training sessions, long pieces of text and mandatory parts. But manageable and inspiring content for everyone.

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More than 100 years 'At home at ZON'


Founded in 1915 and one of Europe's largest growers cooperatives.


Approximately 145 growers, greenhouse horticulture and open ground.


Wide range of fruit & vegetables fresh from the grower.