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Sprouts season has started again

From Monday 26 August ZON fruit & vegetables starts with the sprouts season of 2019-2020.

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On Monday 5 August, ZON will start auctioning the first salsify of the season

This vegetable is appropriately nicknamed winter asparagus, because underneath its earthy brown skin it offers a delicious, creamy surprise with a delicate nutty flavour.
The name of the genus (scorzonera) is probably derived from the Italian ‘scorza negra’ which means ‘black skin or peel'.
Another explanation suggests it...

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In week 30, neckar beans and sweetcorn for clock sales

In week 30, ZON started offering a limited supply of neckar beans and sweetcorn (small packaging) for clock sales (not daily).


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ZON started auctioning endive

ZON started auctioning endive. New in assortment. 

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Developments clock ZOn fruit & vegetables

On March 25, ZON started auctioning asparagus at 7:00 am (15 minutes earlier than last season)
Sales of pre-peeled asparagus also started in week 13
On Wednesday 10 April we will start auctioning So Unique sweet peppers, red and green presented in a 3-kg...

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The first Dutch-grown plum tomatoes of the season were auctioned at ZON on Monday 18 March!

The plum tomato thanks its name to its cylindrical shape that resembles a plum. Plum tomatoes are also called Roma tomatoes. The plum tomato is a meaty tomato with a sweet flavour and is suitable for eating raw or in cooked dishes. It is an ideal ingredient in soups and...

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Sales of the first asparagus of the season via the auction clock

On Thursday 7 February, sales of the first asparagus of the season started via the auction clock. The volumes will be limited initially but will grow substantially in a few weeks’ time.

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ZON fruit & vegetables
Venrayseweg 104

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Press release

Growers' cooperative issues 110 hectares of land in ground lease from now on

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Press Release

Initiative of Maastricht University and companies at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo

New chair position in Venlo: Youth, Food and Health

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