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Beast quality small cucumber

Raw and pickled tasty

A gherkin is a small cucumber, and also delicious raw. However, gherkins are often pickled in vinegar, possibly with spices and/or sugar. There are many different types of gherkins: from very small (cornichons) to very large (sour bombs)


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Gherkins fresh daily from our growers.
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    Products are delivered directly from the source within a day.
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    At ZON, the products come directly from their own growers.

Sustainability and certifications

Make use of the in-house knowledge of Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance department is specialised in food safety systems and residue and micro monitoring.

Certifications and sustainability policy

ZON can advise on all fruit and vegetable certifications and also assist in obtaining and maintaining the certifications.

Experienced and specialized advisors

The Quality Assurance team consists of experienced advisors and works for both the affiliated cultivation companies and for their own organization. ZON is certified for BRC, IFS, QS, RIK, BIO and On the way to PlanetProof.

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