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Super vegetable par excellence

Broccoli is a type of cabbage and grows in the Netherlands mainly from May to October. Broccoli is available all year round in shops (import) and is a popular and widely eaten vegetable.


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Pasta with broccoli and mozzarella

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Goede kwaliteit, direct van de bron en dagvers

  • Short lines
    Products are delivered directly from the source within a day.
  • Fresh daily
    Daily fresh supply from ZON growers.
  • Directly from the grower
    At ZON, the products come directly from their own growers.

ZON realizes the best price for you

Auction clock

Real-time prices at the clock driven by supply and demand in the market.


Do you opt for selling via a permanent contract? Prices are set in consultation with you.

Power of the cooperative

Selling product via ZON means low costs and competitive commission.

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Buy daily fresh products at ZON

  • Auction clock
    Day trading at ZON takes place via auction clock sales, with a wide and reliable range. Supplemented in the winter months with products from Spanish cooperatives, with which ZON cooperates.
  • Account sale
    ZON identifies commercial opportunities and translates them into successful programs between growers and retail.
  • Brokery
    Purchasing through mediation is done through ZON's Product Managers. Each The Product Manager is responsible for various products, so that you have a fixed point of contact for purchasing.
  • Combination
    Would you prefer to use multiple purchasing channels? A combination is possible at ZON. Together we look at the best strategy for purchasing.
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Benefits cooperative

  • Cooperative means together
    Collaborating and sharing knowledge within the cooperative is important. At ZON we jointly strive for sustainable growth.
  • Facilitating role towards grower
    ZON facilitates the grower with a wide range of support activities. The grower can also use the expertise within ZON and other affiliated growers.
  • Participation of the members
    At ZON, members are actively involved in policy. Participation by the members therefore forms the basis of cooperative entrepreneurship.