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Green bean

Dutch quality product

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All certifications possible, based on your own wishes
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Buyers at ZON

  • Best quality
    At ZON, the quality of the product is the most important. Under the supervision of a specialised inspection team, the quality, color and size of the products are examined, among other things.
  • Colloboration Spanish cooperatives
    In the winter period, the ZON assortiment is supplemented with products from Spain. That's why you can contact ZON all year round.
  • Customised purchasing
    At ZON you can purchase products through the various purchasing channels. You choose the channel that suits you best.

Strategic location

Business park Hines Fresh Park Venlo

ZON is located at the Hines Fresh Park Venlo, the business park for the fresh sector and centralized in European food logistics.

European logistics hotspot

Large sales market throughout Europe with an important focus on the Netherlands and Germany. ZON is located close to the large consumer market in the German state of Nordrhein Westfalen.

Direct connection to highways

Major roads are easily accessible. Direct connection to highways A73, A67 and Bundesautobahn 61 (Germany). ECT rail terminal 900 meters away and inland port with container facility 2 kilometers away.

Quality Assurance

Specialization in food safety

ZON's quality control checks for all standard certifications and European standards

Specific certifications

ZON works with you to ensure that the product fulfil all the certifications required for your organization.


95 / 5.000 Vertaalresultaten Vertaalresultaat ZON's quality control checks for all standard certifications and European standards.

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