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One of the oldest cabbage varieties in the world

Nutritious cabbage

Savoy cabbage is a dense, dark green type of cabbage. Savoy cabbage has puckered leaves with curled edges. The leaf has a beautiful vein structure. Savoy cabbage has a strong cabbage flavour.


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Possibility to have products auctioned via the new auction system KOSMOS
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Buyers at ZON

  • Best quality
    At ZON, the quality of the product is the most important. Under the supervision of a specialised inspection team, the quality, color and size of the products are examined, among other things.
  • Colloboration Spanish cooperatives
    In the winter period, the ZON assortiment is supplemented with products from Spain. That's why you can contact ZON all year round.
  • Customised purchasing
    At ZON you can purchase products through the various purchasing channels. You choose the channel that suits you best.

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Auction clock
Auction clock

Day trading at ZON takes place via clock sales, with a wide and reliable product range.

  • Use the new auction system KOSMOS
  • Good balance between supply and demand in the market
  • Wide and reliable range of quality products
  • Supplemented in the winter months with products from Spanish cooperatives
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Account sale
Account sale

ZON identifies commercial opportunities and translates them into successful programs between growers and retail.

  • The key account managers actively develop the retail
  • Innovation in new varieties and concepts in colloboration with external partners
  • ZON maintains intensive contact with various retailers
  • Large sales market throughout Europe with an important focus on the Netherlands and Germany
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Purchasing via brokerage is done through the Product Managers of ZON.

  • A permanent point of contact for your purchasing
  • Choice between purchasing on a weekly or seasonal basis
  • Short lines between you, ZON and the grower
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Inspiration platform platform of and by growers

ZON provides the consumer with inspiration through by, among other things, offering recipes and background information about the origin of the products. The growers are at the center of this.

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