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Winter carrot

Long lasting

Healthy and crunchy snack

Healthy and crunchy snack The winter carrot is a large, fleshy root with a bright orange colour. The core is slightly lighter in colour. You can store winter carrots for a few weeks. This makes them ideal to keep at home as standard. Raw and correctly washed, winter carrots are a tasty, healthy and crunchy snack, but you can also cook, roast, wok and stew them. It is best to keep winter carrots in a fruit bowl.


Not available
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Een uitgebreid assortiment aan groenten en fruit, vers van onze telers.
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Auction clock via digital platform
Auction clock via digital platform

The auction based on the clock takes place through our digital platform (including the WebClock system) and is THE transparent auction instrument for day trading.

  • Wherever you may be in the world, you can, all year round, buy and bid on all products that we offer on our digital platform
  • Good balance between supply and demand in the market
  • Wide and reliable range of quality products
  • Supplemented in the winter months with products from Spanish, Morocco and Turkey
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Direct delivery to customers
Direct delivery to customers

ZON recognises commercial opportunities and translates these into required plans between growers and customers from various segments.

  • Our Key Account Managers are actively maintaining and building customer contacts and following developments in the sector AND customers in various segments
  • Large sales market in the whole of Europe with an important focus on northwestern Europa
  • Short lines of communication between the customer and grower where ZON offers you support with optimum services
  • Choice between buying on a weekly or seasonal basis

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