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Cucumber and melon family

The great pumpkin family

The pumpkin is characterised by a firm hard skin and orange flesh. There are different types of pumpkins. The orange pumpkin is the best known. In addition, in the Netherlands you also see the patisson (small white oval pumpkin), the winter squash (large pumpkin with pale orange waxy skin) and the spaghetti squash (oval pale yellow pumpkin with stringy flesh).


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Pumpkin quiche with bacon

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Together we are stronger, you benefit from the advantages of the collective

  • Collaboration for the best result
    The cooperative idea is central to ZON. Together we strive for an optimal result.
  • Powerful network of growers
    Make use of knowledge and expertise within ZON and from other growers.
  • Strategic decisions
    As a grower you are part of an organization. That is why you have a say in policy and you can participate in various working groups.
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Cooperation with you as a grower or customer

Short lines enable innovation power

Due to its unique position in collaboration with growers and customers, ZON has the opportunity to innovate on new varieties. Thanks to the short lines between grower and purchaser, feedback on new products is received quickly.

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Contract agreements
Contract agreements

Well organized own sales and still looking for the sales tool for the sale of your products?

  • Make use of the latest features of the auction clock
  • Fixed agreements about the product to be delivered
  • A fair and good price
  • Certainty about product purchase

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