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Business Development

The link between knowledge within ZON, the demand of the grower and the needs of the market

Sustainable Growth

Product marketing

Our Key Account Managers actively follow the developments of the client, maintain the contact and facilitate marketing plans.

Marketing & Innovation

ZON follows market trends closely and develops generic campaigns, concepts and (product) innovations in collaboration with external parties and the demand from the entire supply chain.

Data Management

Our data annalist analyses large quantities of internal and external data and promotes/supports the data-driven choices that are made within the organisation in this way.

Get in touch with Business Development

Curious how Business Development can help you grow sustainably?

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We are always looking for opportunities to grow.
Jørgen Snoijink
Manager Business Development bij ZON
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I am certainly satisfied with the cooperation with ZON, especially now that we are taking steps together in the field of innovation.
Telers bij ZON
Bas & Ton van Leeuwen
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Cooperation with you as a grower or customer

Short lines enable innovation power

Due to its unique position in collaboration with growers and customers, ZON has the opportunity to innovate on new varieties. Thanks to the short lines between grower and purchaser, feedback on new products is received quickly.

More than 100 years ZON


Founded in 1915 and one of Europe's largest growers cooperatives.


Approximately 115 growers, greenhouse horticulture and open ground.


Wide range of fruit & vegetables fresh from the grower.