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Digital platform

Clock sales are one of the pillars of ZON's sales strategy and the sales tool for day trading Daily fresh product at the clock
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Sale via the clock auction

  • New auction system KOSMOS
    In order to make the clock future-proof, ZON switched in March 2022 to a new clock system (including home buying system) called KOSMOS, the real-time, web-based sales and information platform.
  • Best Payout Prices
    Day trading at ZON mainly takes place via clock sales. Prices are driven by the supply and demand in the market.
  • Transparent sales too
    The ZON clock is known as a transparent sales tool. It ensures a good balance between supply and demand and a fair price. On an annual basis, ZON has approximately 300 buyers who buy products through our digital platform.
  • Wide and reliable volume
    ZON provides a reliable and wide assortiment every day. Supplemented in the winter months with products from Spanish cooperatives, with which ZON cooperates.

Get in touch with the auction clock team

More information about clock sales at ZON? Fill in the form below and we will contact you.

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The clock is a transparent and unique sales tool.
Els van Herpen
Manager auction clock sale bij ZON
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New possibilities

Auction system KOSMOS

With the new clock system, ZON is the first vegetable auction in the Benelux to use a new generation of options. KOSMOS is a Cloud application, so no software needs to be installed. The coming years will be dominated by further development of the system in order to continue to connect with ZON's buyers and growers.

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I deliberately opted for clock sales and I am now a fan of the clock.
Grower at ZON
Jack van Lin

Financial security

Fast payout

At ZON, payment is always made within 12 days after billing.

Make use of the SIG&F recognition as a grower

Since January 2022, ZON has had a SIG&F certification. Because ZON has this recognition, as a grower you can register activities and investments at your own cultivation company for the SIG&F programme.

Transparent processes and costs

Within ZON, agreements are the same for everyone within the various product groups. In addition, there is transparent communication about the costs.

Join ZON

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Become a member of ZON and feel welcome at cooperative of passionate growers and employees who get everything for you from the market.

  • Sharing knowledge with other growers
  • The best possible price for your product
  • A competitive commission
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Contract agreements
Contract agreements

Well organized own sales and still looking for the sales tool for the sale of your products?

  • Use the latest possibilities of the digital platform for day trading
  • Fixed agreements about the product to be delivered
  • A fair and good price
  • Certainty about product purchase

Sustainability and certifications

Make use of the in-house knowledge of Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance department is specialised in food safety systems and residue and micro monitoring.

Certifications and sustainability policy

ZON can advise on all fruit and vegetable certifications and also assist in obtaining and maintaining the certifications.

Experienced and specialized advisors

The Quality Assurance team consists of experienced advisors and works for both the affiliated cultivation companies and for their own organization. ZON is certified for BRC, IFS, QS, RIK, BIO and On the way to PlanetProof.

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Questions about an invoice?
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Your products sorted and packaged
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ZON is ready to facilitate the transport of your products
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New sales markets