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Coöperative affairs

Everything around your membership is optimally arranged

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Cooperative thought is central

Within the cooperative it is important to support and strengthen each other. ZON helps your company to grow sustainably and to utilize your individual qualities.

Selling products through ZON

Cooperative affairs helps you with all matters that need to be arranged when you, as a grower, want to have your product sold by ZON. Such as drawing up a supply contract, applying for a membership and information about the rates.

ZON policy

Cooperative Affairs supports the board of ZON in the area of policy issues and are responsible for compliance with the regulations regarding the GMO regulation.

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As a grower you can become a member of ZON and use all the benefits that this entails.

Get in touch with the Cooperative Affairs department

Questions about your membership or do you want to sell your products via ZON?

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Hans Kerstjens
Manager cooperative affairs bij ZON

Financial security

Fast payout

At ZON, payment is always made within 12 days after billing.

Make use of the SIG&F recognition as a grower

Since January 2022, ZON has had a SIG&F certification. Because ZON has this recognition, as a grower you can register activities and investments at your own cultivation company for the SIG&F programme.

Transparent processes and costs

Within ZON, agreements are the same for everyone within the various product groups. In addition, there is transparent communication about the costs.

SIG&F recognized

ZON has been a SIG&F-recognized producer organization since January 2022. This gives ZON and its members the opportunity to make use of the benefits associated with this. A number of possibilities for actions and investments that qualify for SIG&F:

  • Sustainable energy & cultivation
  • Nutrients and waste
  • Movable property
  • Immovable property

Join ZON

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Become a member of ZON and feel welcome at cooperative of passionate growers and employees who get everything for you from the market.

  • Sharing knowledge with other growers
  • The best possible price for your product
  • A competitive commission
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Contract agreements
Contract agreements

Well organized own sales and still looking for the sales tool for the sale of your products?

  • Use the latest possibilities of the digital platform for day trading
  • Fixed agreements about the product to be delivered
  • A fair and good price
  • Certainty about product purchase
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Other services for growers

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Optimal pricing through choices in the sales strategy
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Your products sorted and packaged
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Advice and guidance with AGF-certificeringen
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Delivering top quality