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Sorting & packaging

ZON facilitates the grower in sorting and packaging various products that meet the specifications and wishes of the customer



If you need help sorting and packaging the product, ZON can assist you in this.


ZON has set up various processes for bell peppers and asparagus in particular. But there are also many options for other fresh products.

Desired specifications

Your product is sorted according to the desired specifications. The starting point is always the wish of the customer.

Bell peppers

The bell peppers are sorted at ZON on a modern sorting line. These peppers are also packaged in various ways, including the well-known 'traffic lights'.


ZON ensures that the product is delivered in the right way in the right packaging.

Third Parties

Sorting and packaging is also done for external parties at ZON. The ZON Logistics Center offers a wide range of options.

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Sort, peel and pack


ZON is the market leader in asparagus in the Netherlands. It goes without saying that customers can go to ZON for asparagus in a wide variety of packaging. We also peel asparagus in a specially equipped room, using state-of-the-art peeling machines.

Get in touch with the Sorting and Packaging department

Curious what ZON can do for you in the sorting and packaging process?

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The many possibilities in our packaging hall make it interesting for the grower.
Ron Gerardts
Team leader sorting and packing department bij ZON

Sustainability and certifications

Make use of the in-house knowledge of Quality Assurance

The Quality Assurance department is specialised in food safety systems and residue and micro monitoring.

Certifications and sustainability policy

ZON can advise on all fruit and vegetable certifications and also assist in obtaining and maintaining the certifications.

Experienced and specialized advisors

The Quality Assurance team consists of experienced advisors and works for both the affiliated cultivation companies and for their own organization. ZON is certified for BRC, IFS, QS, RIK, BIO and On the way to PlanetProof.

More products packaged at ZON

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Beautiful shiny fruit available in different colors

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Processed it looks like fruit, but it is really a vegetable

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Plum Tomato Roma Vine

Striking appearance and a heavy, firm tomato

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Forgotten vegetable, but on the rise

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ZON is ready to facilitate the transport of your products
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New sales markets
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Advice and guidance with AGF-certificeringen
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Delivering top quality